I am a mixed media artist.  I create intuitively, using paint, ink, drawing media and collage.  Through rich color, energetic line, complex layers, and allusions to poetry, music, spiritual traditions, and natural elements, my abstract art depicts intimate spiritual and emotional landscapes that explore the deep connections between all people and to the infinite while wandering lost in mysterious layers.  My work encourages empathy, human dignity, and honoring diversity and the best in all of us.

I create wild sacred intuitive art.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where I am married to a creative and kind man and mother to two caring goofy girls discovering their own joy and power in the world.  I also love to dance (poorly and with abandon), read, write, study shamanism and tarot, garden, cook, yoga, swim, sew, crochet, felt, create shibori and sashiko cloth, rearrange my furniture, and take long wandering nature walks.