I am a mixed media artist.  I create intuitively, using paint, ink, and collage, to create many layers with lots of color, texture, imagery, symbolism, and depth, and to express what is archetypal, soulful, and powerful to me.

My paintings are often portraits of imaginary archetypal characters, abstracts heavy with symbolism, and animal and nature studies exploring the intertwined mysteries of nature and the spirit.

I create wild sacred intuitive art.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where I am married to a creative and kind man and mother to two caring goofy girls discovering their own joy and power in the world.  I also love to dance (poorly and with abandon), read, write, study shamanism and tarot, garden, cook, yoga, sew, crochet, felt, create shibori and sashiko cloth, rearrange my furniture, and take long wandering nature walks.