Zalika Marrakech

I spent the last three days playing with these cityscape paintings based on a class from the beautiful painter Faith Evans Sills, “Luscious Layered Cityscapes”.

We used gorgeous collage papers as the first layer and colorways and mark making on top based on the colors and patterns of Marrakech, Morocco.

I forgot how much I love love love collage and playing with paper. I’m so energized to paint small again… There is a sharp focus and freeing flow that comes with working small and in a series that is relaxing and feels so vital.

By the way, the title “Zalika Marrakech” is arabic for “Wonderously Beautiful Marrakech”… Can’t wait to travel in the future!

By norahblueart

I am an artist, mom to 2 sassy, spunky, smart and kind girls, wife to an amazing and supportive man, a lifelong learner of anything that strikes my interest and passions, and San Francisco Bay Area native... I love music I can dance to, music I can think to, bold color, walking in nature, cooking and eating, yoga and deeeep breaths, reading really good books, getting dirty, crossword puzzles, games, mazes, the excitement of discovery, learning something new, paint on my hands and clothes, big jewelry, hats, and I especially love that, according to my daughters, "weird is the new awesome".

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